Matchpoint Review: Tennis Championships – An enjoyable but limited tennis game!

by Amaury Laguerre (Sadako)

the good old days Since Top Spin and other Virtua Tennis, it’s been difficult to find what you’re looking for when you’ve been a yellow ball lover in recent years. Having chained the disappointments AO Tennis and Tennis World Tour, we launched without much conviction in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, for finally revealed with good feelings. Finally a good game of tennis? Verdict in our Matchpoint – Tennis Championships test, carried out on PS5 via a physical edition offered by the publisher.

Matchpoint Review – Tennis Championships on PS5

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships – What you need to know

– Guided tennis game simulation

– Can be played solo or online

– Available now on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

– Starting price : €39.99 on PS5

– Non-measurable lifespan

Matchpoint Highlights – Tennis Championships

– The typing sensations, really very pleasant with the DualSense!

– Really feels like controlling a tennis player, unlike the last two tennis games released

– The cries of the players and the players are authentic

– Rhythm tapping system is almost as good as Top Spin 4

– Different playing surfaces that are felt in the gameplay

– Very good overall game speed, even among girls

– A career mode that can keep you busy for a few hours

Matchpoint Weaknesses – Tennis Championships

– A catastrophic net code with or without cross-play. It is impossible to make a match smoothly, and moving the aiming reticle is then extremely complicated…

– A huge lack of players and licenses specific to the world of tennis

– Only two camera views, with a player going out of view when defending far behind the baseline…

– Horribly posed players who bear little resemblance to their IRL model

– We turn very quickly in circles on the tactical side of the game, the fault of the placements of balls which turn in a loop

– Volleyball play is not at all enjoyable as players are too slow to dash to the net

– You feel like you’re leading a 150-kilo player when you go into defense

– Impossible to move the receiver up once the server has thrown his ball, it’s totally absurd! We are taking aces in spades because of this…

– The smatches are short, it’s nonsense!

– No doubles

– A rather slow career mode, which ultimately does not bring much to the game

– The creation of players / players is very limited

– As always, the AI ​​is way too easy to beat, even on max

You’ll love Matchpoint – Tennis Championships if:

– You are looking for a tennis game where you can feel the Top Spin ball strikes

– You find the game not too expensive (around 20€ maximum)

– You are a baseline connoisseur

You don’t like Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, if:

– You expect a game as ambitious as a Top Spin 4

– You like to play net

– You wanted to do doubles matches

– You think you have an excellent career mode

Verdict: 13/20

Unlike AO Tennis (1 and 2) and Tennis World Tour where we didn’t suspend for more than 30 minutes, this Matchpoint – Tennis Championship is already much more pleasant to learn! It’s just a shame that the developers didn’t provide more budget to go even further in all areas. If the background is rather amusing, we indeed end up quickly going around in circles with matches that are far too similar, and a lack of licenses and game modes which is cruelly revealed quite quickly. To do on occasion, at a low price!

Video of Matchpoint – Tennis Championships on PS5

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