Maxime Lucu: “I know I have a card to play on this tour”

“In the absence of executives put to rest, do you feel that your influence within the group has grown?
Dylan Cretin: Those who know the system like Max or me must help everyone quickly digest the game system, the language different from that of the club, the announcements. Max more particularly with the three quarters, me with the forwards and the touch. We try to make the newcomers as comfortable as possible.

Everything went very well, with only two collective training sessions, including many players who were new to Marcoussis. They quickly got into the mold and the collective training sessions have been very good since the beginning of the week. The content of the sessions is very dense, the staff does not hide it, but he did say that he preferred players capable of storing information and transcribing it at high speed in training.

Maxim Lucu: I am waiting to see (he will start) but I am preparing for and training for. The roles have always been clear and obvious. Now I know I have a card to play on this tour. I have to do good training like what I’ve been trying to do for a year and be at the service of the group. Then, if they make me start, I will give everything, telling myself that this is an opportunity to show myself a little more.

Dylan, do you feel this change of status within the group?
In the preparation, it does not change anything. The role of finisher is different because it happens over shorter durations in match. You have to give everything in a short time, it’s not easy…

“We know that some will not participate. There will be some disappointed but they will have been very important to perform in Japan”

Maxim Lucu: We are 42. It’s always complicated when you go on tour for two games to get everyone to play. We know that some will not participate. But for three years, we can see that the whole group is important. We need everyone in training and that’s what allows us to perform well in matches. There will be disappointments but they will have been very important for the performers in Japan.

Maxim Lucu: Exactly. It is the lot of every season. A year ago, I was at home watching the matches. I worked to try to come back, I managed to join the group for the Autumn Cup and the Six Nations. Underperformance can lead to the emergence of other players. We see that there is a lot of competition, whether in my position or others. In a year or even now, we know that our place will be taken. There are really players who are happy to be in the France team.

Dylan Cretin: I’m waiting for the compositions to be sure (smiles). I tasted everything, from the position of watching the matches in front of the TV to that of finisher or holder. These are matches to be prepared in the same way. You have to be good at training and when you have the chance to wear the jersey, you want to keep it as much as possible and put in big performances. I find that the competition is very positive in this group, it makes us want to overtake the others. When we see that others are good, we want to be better. The more competition there is, the stronger this team will be. »


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