Meursault. The Meursault club seeks to sell a hundred kilos of fries

On Sunday June 19, the Meursault handball club (Hbcm) was supposed to organize its annual lawn handball tournament, for which 60 teams of seven players had planned to meet. More than 800 athletes, likely to add 68 volunteers from the Meursault club and around forty from the Regional Handball League, have been announced. All these people, in love with this sport, had been disappointed by the decision taken, Friday at 8 p.m., by the prefect of Côte-d’Or, Fabien Sudry, to cancel all sporting events due to the heat wave which raged the week. – late last. A cancellation that has consequences.

A price of €1.80 per kg

“Following the cancellation of our 100% handball weekend, we have just over 100 kg of fries left in our cold room. These are fresh fries, with an expiry date of July 7, 2022. We sell them at 1€80 per kg”, informs the Meursault club on the Facebook social network.

If you are interested, it is possible to contact the club by private message or by email: [email protected]

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