“Michael Jordan humiliated the 1992 Dream Team players by telling them that”

Trash-talker emeritus, Michael Jordan spared no one and even less if you had preferred another leading player. Recently, a wild anecdote about the Dream Team has resurfaced… and clearly, we would not have liked to be in the shoes of the basketball players concerned.

The Barcelona Olympics Dream Team was a crazy team, assembled from the best stars in the orange ball, but that also meant it was brimming with oversized egos. Or, difficult to impose on a Michael Jordan at his side, the back of the Bulls being then the best player on the planet. It was therefore better to go straight with him, in order to win his good graces.

However, even if his teammates took this approach, it sometimes did not protect them from the wild trash-talking of the Chicagoan. Legendary sportswriter Jackie MacMullan recently opened up about how he can haze his teammates. Those who were not yet titled at the time spent a quarter of an hour sale, as during a training session for the American selection just before the Olympics:

Jordan showing no mercy to unbanded Team USA players

Charles Barkley was heading for the hoop, while Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were already there, taking shots. Another Dream Team practice was about to begin…until Jordan stopped his teammates. “Get yourself another basket, Charles.” He turned to Patrick Ewing. “You too, Patrick. Scottie, you can stay”.

Future Hall of Famers looked at MJ in bewilderment. “Here, it’s only for champions!” Jordan said then. “Not you, Clyde (Drexler, editor’s note). Go somewhere else to train. Five-time champion Magic immediately realized what was going on. He declared the corner of the gymnasium, “the bagged basket”.

No, but what violence from His Airness…

The worst part of all this is that at that time, the number 23 still had only two rings to his credit. Ironically, it was the same Jordan who had put Drexler in the Finals, a few weeks earlier. The Blazers star had thus seen him turn to nearly 36 points and 7 assists on average, with in particular the famous “Shrug Game” during the first round which had seen him plant 38 points in a single half. Absolutely unstoppable!

Barkley and Ewing weren’t spared afterward either, as the Chuckster experienced a similar sort a year later in the 1992-93 Finals. All after announcing that God had spoken to him and would have said to him: “it’s your turn to be champion”… As for the pivot of the Knicks, he regularly came up against the Bulls in the playoffs. It was only when MJ was retired that he was able to go to the finals, without however succeeding in winning a ring.

They might be superstars of the orange ball, but that didn’t prevent unringed players from being badly hazed by Michael Jordan. The worst is that the athletes ended up without a single title, with the exception of Clyde Drexler who went to get his with Houston.

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