Mikey Williams as muse, the bet is on for the German firm

Back on the front of the stage for a few years, Puma wanted to release a reference model that is aimed at all basketball players and all basketball players. A compendium of technologies and a design full of history which should be derived in many colors for filter with a maximum of club or city outfits. Here is the TRC Blaze Court, and something tells us that this is not the last time we will hear this name.

Little by little, Puma continues to gain ground in the basketball shoe market. To stand out and create its own universe, the feline brand did not hesitate to hire young prospects to represent it at the highest level. As in the Draft, it is a question of putting on the right horses and we can say that the house scouts have done their job rather well with some big names like LaMelo Ball or Deandre Ayton who have been seen in Puma all year. If Kyle Kuzma or Mikey Williams from the 2024 class have been chosen to also represent the pair, there will be no question of muse or All-Star today. The real star is the product and all the technology behind it. OGs may remember the 90s star, the flame of glory, the first source of inspiration for this new model at the crossroads between streetwear and performance. The days when you felt like you were putting on astronaut boots before setting foot on the floor are long gone and you can even keep your shoes on to go out in town without going through the locker room if you’re in a little too much of a hurry. It is also validated in the reverse order, but be careful not to get caught by the hall keeper who will be happy to remind us that it is “prohibited to play in street shoes” on the only field from the community.

Like its big sister from the 90s, we find this famous curve towards the back of the foot while the Puma imprint has been subtly slipped just below. Neither too conspicuous nor absent, just to remind you that you are in the home of one of the sneaker cadors. But the great novelty of the TRC Blaze Court is the arrival of Trinomic technology in Puma Hoops – Puma’s basketball range. Created in 1990, the Trinomic innovation is inspired by honeycomb construction and the structure of human bone tissue to ensure a high level of performance and stability on the outsole. The shoe also features a ProFoam+ midsole and a padded heel with Pebax foam to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Incidentally, it can also save careers. Michael Porter Jr. has already had to add the pair to his back-to-school shopping list with his equipment supplier to take care of his back on recovery.

The TRC Blaze Court is available on Puma.com and at specialist basketball retailers so you can show off this new pair all summer long before things get serious again from September. We trigger to watch the future releases of the German brand during this time.

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