Mini-golf A new youth the Guinguette

Since 1986, the mini-golf course and its restaurant have been part of the landscape of the woods of Saint-Pierre. The business has just been taken over by Stéphanie and David, who want to give it a new start.

It is the only parcel of the woods of Saint-Pierre which does not belong to the City of Poitiers. A triangle of land, located just opposite the entrance to the site, where a mini-golf course has been set up since 1986.
In 36 years, generations of families from Poitiers and the surrounding area are places and rent a ball, clubs, a pencil and a sheet to count the points. And it always works. On Sundays, there is sometimes even a queue before accessing the first holerigorous Stphanie Birat and David Harisson.

I wanted to
to suggest
a burger for less than €10,
I stick to it

This young couple has just taken over the mini-golf Guinguette, which reopened on May 1, after a few weeks of work. On a filling in the cracks of the mini-golf, renovated the benches and the toilets, explains David. On a removable ramp also integrated, for the reception of people with reduced mobility. They also renovated the kitchen, because David is above all a cook.
Originally from Marnay, the young man worked in the kitchens of the Antipodes, Nardo stopper and at the Palais de la bire, Poitiers. The last time, he had come to enjoy an ice cream with his daughters at the mini-golf counter, after a girls’ pony show. I spoke with the boss, Fabienne, he says. After the inactivity, professionally linked to the confinements, I was looking for a job, she told me that the business was sold, she wanted to retire.
Bingo! Stephanie and David embark on the adventure. He is in the kitchen, she is behind the counter and serving, with a waitress (and an extra waiter for the weekend). In addition to those on the terrace, they have added tables under the trees which provide shade for the mini-golf course. We make about thirty covers per service, one starts wellrecognizes David.
The map is short, to favor fresh products and cheap: I wanted to offer a burger for less than 10€, I stick to it. The beers are local: they are brewed Smarves, Nouaill-Maupertuis, La Villedieu-du-Clain and Poitiers.
The new owners also organize concerts with local groups on Fridays and an open stage for all amateurs on the first Friday of the month. We provide a guitar, bass and drums and anyone can come and try it out. The last time, on a had a saxophonist from Availles-Limouzine, it was very niceexplains David.

A winter room

By next winter, David and Stéphanie are competent to carry out renovation work in the dining room, which is closed for the moment. Like that, we can open all year round, they explain. more in the long term, it is also up to them to take advantage of vegetable products from market gardeners that the City of Poitiers offers two hectares of cultivable land in the woods of Saint-Pierre. It’s right next to the mini-golf, Show David. a would pass directly from the garden to the plate.
The City was also planning to acquire the plot of the mini-golf course, but was overtaken by the young couple. It is now moving towards a partnership and has abandoned a refreshment bar project at the castle, precisely so as not to compete with the mini-golf Guinguette.

Mini-golf in the woods of Saint-Pierre: open Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Facebook: La Guinguette Mini-Golf

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