Mirande/Miélan. Rugby: Tau Tapasu and J.-C. Habas distinguished

The general assembly of the Entente Astarac Bigorre XV ended with two well-deserved tributes to two people from the rugby club.

First of all, Tau Tapasu received from the hands of the deputy of Gers, Jean-René Cazeneuve, the medal of the National Assembly. The Gers deputy argued around two very republican principles of the emblematic second line: an example of integration (he received but he gave a lot and integration always goes both ways), but also an example of citizenship (Tau Tapasu has always been there for others).

Second person honored at the general meeting: Jean-Claude Habas. The latter received the medal from the French Rugby Federation (FFR) with a poignant letter from Henry Broncan, defining all the virtues and qualities of this “handy” man, of course, in the good sense of the term.

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