Montech. Handball: a very successful post-Covid year

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For twelve years, the handball club of the city of Montech has continued to develop and grow serenely.

At the end of a period marked by health constraints, this (finally) full season will have been crowned with many successes for the Handball-Club of Monaco. We met Pascal Chardon, the president of the club, a president who does not hide his pride and his happiness.

How is the club doing at the end of the season?

The club is doing very well. We have regained our number of graduates (+ 200), we have been able to experience a full sports season, the public is back and we are happy to meet around our teams and handball. And on the sporting level, the results are there.

A year that was still characterized by fears around the Covid?

Indeed, but the action of our volunteers and strict compliance with health instructions (wearing a mask, health pass, barrier gestures) have allowed us to live a season without a jolt. Our audience, still as numerous and fervent as we have seen again during the senior boys’ final, was also present. I would like to thank all the club’s volunteers and all those who have worked to make this season go smoothly.

And, sportingly, what is your assessment of this season?

I don’t set a sporting goal for my coaches and even less this season when the important thing was to play, to resume the practice of handball in competition. We continue to train young players, who are regularly summoned to departmental and regional selection. This is the DNA of our club.

Even without a sporting objective, the results of our teams are very positive: the -15F played in regional D1, approaching accession to the French level, the -18G also played the leading roles in regional D1 and senior boys made it to the Occitanie final. I allow myself to congratulate all the coaches and all the players of the HBCM for this very successful sports season.

A word on the events of this end of the season?

The general meeting of the club will be held Saturday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m., in the gymnasium. We meet all our licensees as well as our partners. At the end of the general assembly, we will invite everyone to a Spanish inn (aperitif and grills offered by the club). This festive moment will close a beautiful season.

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