More than 250 schoolchildren and college students at the first Limoges Handball Solidaire tournament in Beaublanc

More than 250 schoolchildren and college students from four establishments in the Val de l’Aurence took part this Thursday, June 23 in the first grass handball tournament at the Beaublanc sports park in Limoges.

On sixteen pitches, in mixed teams of four, primary classes from Henri-Aigueperse, Jean-Le Bail and Marcel-Madoumier school and classes from André-Maurois college played short matches, for fun and cohesion. , more than for the win.

“Since April, the club has offered, on its own funds, interventions in the four establishments present today but also at the Joliot-Curie school which could not come, explain the members of LH Solidaire. . The aim of this action was to develop the practice of sport and to get the children moving. The idea was also to promote the integration of the CM2s of the schools who will enter the sixth form at the Maurois college. To mark the end of this action, we organized this tournament, on National Olympism Day.”

The young people were able to participate in parallel with the fun actions offered by the club’s partners, such as, for example, raising awareness of the selective sorting gestures offered by Limoges Métropole, racism with Lycra, the dangers of cycling with road safety and eating better with Mutual Harmony.

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Anne-Sophie Pedegert


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