Music, cars, shoes, cooking… The quirky interview with Yoan Makoundou

Called up with the Blues for the last international window, even if he did not play in a match, Yoan Makoundou is one of the rising values ​​of the tricolor basket.

After a new season with big progress in Cholet, which he brought back to the playoffs after a simply hair-raising end to the season, the leaping interior trained in Melun heard his name in several rumors that link him to big French clubs and some others abroad, including Murcia in Spain, and why not across the Atlantic eventually.

In any case, after having recently been in Sacramento and in other NBA franchises for a few workouts before the last Draft, Makoundou very kindly agreed to answer our questions about his private garden.

We are starting to get to know Yoan Makoundou, the player, as versatile as he is explosive towards the circle. Get to know, Yoan Makoundou, the man.

Your first souvenir basket?

One of my first dunks at Bois le Roi. It was my first dunk. I must have been 15. I have a teammate who sends me the alley oop. I saved the video for that matter. He tosses the ball to me and I dunk it. Even if it was more a throwing ball in fact.

Your favorite dunk?

The rider or the windmill. I’m hesitating between the two…

Your first idol?

Kevin Durant. He has a rather slender physique like me.

Your first jersey?

I believe it was LeBron in Miami. My brother is a huge Miami fan. The first jersey I wore was Dwyane Wade’s. But the first one I had was LeBron. It seems to me that this is the year of the title. Another rare jersey. The Heat’s Big Three was amazing.

The first time you thought about turning pro?

When I started to do well in Espoirs [avec Cholet Basket]. On my second year Espoirs, it was the first time where I felt really dominant, above. It was from there that I told myself that I had a chance to turn pro.

When did you first feel ready for the NBA?

When I started to play well in the Jeep Elite, and then also in the European Cup. It was from this moment that I said to myself that I might be able to give it a shot. [Et puis, vous avez goûté à l’Equipe de France également]. Yes, it was huge. It’s a good way to see where I am. That’s how I conceive it. I could see what I still have to work on.

If there hadn’t been the basket?

It’s a good question. I ask myself sometimes. I like cars a lot, so I think I would have done something related to that. Set up a small box with friends. [Dans le tuning ?] No, no, I like when the cars are authentic, I don’t really like making modifications. Mustangs, that kind of old car.

Your favorite NBA city?

New York. I really like the energy there. I haven’t been to Madison Square Garden yet. I’ve already done the Staples Center, it’s the only NBA room I’ve done, so let’s say it’s my favorite so far. But I have a big memory there, a good anecdote. There’s halftime entertainment as always, and it’s me they called to come and dance on the pitch [rires] ! It was wonderful. I was placed quite high but they spotted me directly.

Your favorite venue in Europe?

I am a child from the town of Cholet, I will say La Meilleraie. This is where it all started for me.

Your favorite pair of shoes?

At the moment, it’s the Jordan 5, the Soft white, it’s a creation. Otherwise, to play, I would say the Kobes. I played a lot with Kyrie too but I would say Kobe anyway.

Your favourite meal ?

This is my mother’s dish, “Madjésou”. A more common name is bassi. It’s meatballs with a sauce made from peanut paste and it’s amazing. For my part, I cook a little, it happens to me from time to time. The dish I make most often is pasta in sauce with chicken.

Your favorite movie?

The taxi series [rires]. Oh yeah, that’s my thing. Samy Naceri is my safe guy [rires] ! The last episode, I did not like. The 4 deviated a little but it was still going but the 5, I didn’t really like it. I am more film than series, because the series, I rarely finish them. I am “sci-fi” and horror thoroughly.

Your favorite video game?

I’m resuming right now. When I was little, I was more “gamer” but I stopped for a while. There, I resumed with Call of Duty. Otherwise, I play all the car games, with all the dream cars. Racing in a free world. Need for Speed, Forzathis kind of games.

Your favorite book?

This is zero kilometer, it is a book on well-being. It’s a bit philosophical, it’s full of interesting little tips to help you in life in general. [Pas de mangas pour vous ?] No, I’m not a fan of manga…

Your favorite album / artist?

I listen to so many different sounds but the artist who met everyone okay, it’s still Drake. And my favorite album is Take care of yourself in 2011. An album that marked me. I listen to hip hop basically, “chill” music.

[Propos recueillis par téléphone]

Tit for tat

Cheeseburger or ham and butter?

Cheeseburger, because I don’t eat pork [rires].

Dunk or against?

Soak. [Comme celui qui a fait le tour de la planète face à Orléans par exemple ?] Yes like this. I didn’t force anything, it happened by itself! [On imagine qu’il y en a eu d’autres dans la même veine à l’entraînement avant, et depuis ?] Quickly yes [rires]…

Cheese or dessert ?

Dessert. A tiramisu.

50 points or triple double?

Triple-double [littéralement du tac au tac]. I like making assists. There are a lot of situations where I make the pass. My highest personal score is 42 points, but that was as a youngster. I was still in Marne La Vallée. In Espoirs, I put 39 points and in the French Championship, I put 32, I believe.

Magic or Bird?

Magic. I like flashy play and then I prefer the Lakers to the Celtics.

Jordan or Kobe?

Jordan. I discovered the character with the documentary The Last Dance, like many people. But for me, he is the GOAT. Kobe is obviously a great man but I would say Jordan.

Time travel: where and when?

Those are good questions! [Merci !] I think I would go to the States and to Rucker Park, in hot times. Or during the Finals series against Utah, when Jordan wins his last title, with his last decisive shot.

Three people for a dinner?

Kobe. Kevin Durant and after, I think of DeMar DeRozan. In the frame of mind where I am now, I think of them. After an Omar Sy could also be invited.

Three objects on a desert island?

What to listen to music (a phone or a speaker). A basket. And a swimming pool!

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