NBA – Damian Lillard is agalmatoremaphobic

Just like Anthony Davis and certainly many other players, Damian Lillard does not hide it: he has to deal with a phobia in everyday life. The leader of the Blazers actually happens to be “agalmatoremaphobic”. Agalma… what?! We explain to you.

If planting a buzzer shot from 11 meters on Paul George’s head during Game 5 of the playoffs does not scare him, Damien Lillard a particular phobia. He is indeed “agamalmatoremaphobic”. Does this word mean anything to you? It’s actually fear…of statues! The leader explains:

I’ve always been afraid of historical things like that. If I see statues of Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr… it all gives me a funny feeling.

This phobia would have originated during the summer of 2011, while he was visiting a wax museum:

The last room was that of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the statues looked exactly like them. Same. There was music in the room to create the atmosphere, it upset me.

This day, and as incredible as it may seem Sincere, passing by statues has become a real torture for him, which he nevertheless has to catch up with when he passes Lake Oswego, near Portland.

Even along Lake Oswego, I pass the cemetery, and there’s a statue of Jesus with his hands up. It scares me. I don’t touch statues anymore.

So what is the reason behind this phobia? Dame DOLLA thinks she has the answer:

It’s the idea that they come from so far away and that they are so important in our history. It’s weird to see something so close to them. It freaks me out.

This apprehension still gives him some regrets, especially when he is in Washington. The leader would indeed like to visit the famous Ford Theater, the site of the assassination of former US President Abraham Lincoln, but he may not think so:

It’s scary for me. I would like to go. But when I’m there, I might be scared all the time.

The opposing defenses may have found the parade to defend Damian Lillard: make the statue. But beware of the boulevard towards the circle, because the leader will sanction.

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