Negrepelisse. Rugby: have fun next season!

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2022/23 will be a season full of promise with a revamped staff and a workforce eligible to regain the high level of the federal 2. But above all, it is the pleasure of recreating this atmosphere which reigns in Jean-Fleury, on Sundays from rugby.

SCN rugby made its comeback with the presentation of the workforce, the sports staff and the new office. The castle, emblem of Nègrepelisse, had been chosen for this small ceremony and it is perhaps not a coincidence: just like the SCN rugby, this building is one of the “images of Épinal” of the city. The club was experiencing some turbulence and a reshuffle was needed. The dean of the sports clubs of Nègrepelisse could not disappear, so some offered to prefer themselves to the bedside of the sick, and this is how a new office was formed and a president was elected. With this new team at the head of the SCN, things have happened and no less than 26 players are arriving in the white and red squad (against 14 starts and stops), a new sports director and a reinforced staff, as well as a new extra-sports organization (events, reception, communication, etc.)

Welcome to the start of the season! We were able to exchange with the new president on the 2022-23 season. A native of Nègrepelisse, Olivier Belaygues has always been very attached to this club and that’s partly why he accepted the presidency of SCN rugby. But above all, he didn’t want it to end, so he got involved in the life of this club. “I have been a partner for many years and during the last rather complicated general assembly, the club was in danger. With a team of around fifteen people, we managed to set up an office. Today, we can say that the sacrifices made will not have been for nothing.”

Let’s talk about the workforce: does it seem strong with all these arrivals?

Yes, we managed to bring back all the players who had left the club for other adventures. The desire to find the club and play with their boyfriend was stronger. They also saw that the “red devils” wanted to live again and have a good season. Another factor was decisive: the new staff that has just been set up with a new office, managers and technical staff.

Goals for next season?

Having fun, we’re going to have fun on the field, we’re going to have fun on the sidelines, in the stands, with the volunteers, the supporters… We want to rediscover the pleasure of the stadium, pre-match meals and third halves… Rediscovering the atmosphere of the great rugby Sundays at Jean-Fleury, having fun above all… The results will come, that’s for sure, the squad is good and we feel that the 16th man, our supporters are more impatient than ever to find their team with this conquering soul. I assure you, we will still vibrate in “red and white”.

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