Negrepelisse. Rugby: the SCN changes to get off to a better start

Like an air of renewal at the Sporting-Club nègrepelissien where, obviously, everything is changing to start again better while remaining in the tradition. A first presentation gathering, not at the Jean-Fleury stadium, but at the La Cuisine art and design center at the Château de Nègrepelisse. An unusual setting for rugby and very pleasant under a hot sun. In terms of changes, there is first of all the arrival of Olivier Belaygue to the presidency, he who played rugby for young people in Saint-Etienne-de-Tulmont, wishing, he says, that “the players burst on the ground, giving pleasure to the supporters, in order to find the past of Nègrepelisse”. Mayor Morgan Tellier sent a similar message “I wish the best to the club, which has its place in Fédérale 2, with players who love the jersey and Nègrepelisse.” New also among the coaches with the arrival of two new coaches coming out of retirement, Thierry Escur and Eric Rodrigues. “Titi” Escur, former USM player, has in the past coached Cahors, Montech and RC Montauban. Éric Rodrigues, trader in Caussade, has a fine rugby past. The coaches aim to do “better than last year, in a pool where the French champion and a few other big names were summed up”, which qualifies the assessment. After the presentation of this new organization, it was time to introduce the recruits (there are still a few other possible recruits) where everyone obviously enjoyed meeting or discovering each other. If the hen of the “red devils” is known, we did not yet know Friday evening the details of the calendar. Here are the names of the players who arrive and who share with the leaders and the staff.

President : Olivier Belaygue; vice-presidents: Damien Borderies, Olivier Michinel, Sylvain Lagarrigue, Christophe Borderies, Eric Gardes; general secretary : Monique Lanies; assistant secretary: Sophie Rafaillac; general treasurer: Véronique Riols; assistant treasurer: Veronique Cabos.

Medical staff : Géraldine Hechaso (healer), Victor Deprez (healer), Clément Acurcio (osteopath).

Coaches: Thierry Escur and Eric Rodrigues (team 1), Frédéric Cavaillé and Jean-Rémy Larroque (team 2), Anthony Valette (manager).

Recruits: Jordan Barrot (recovery), Léo Larroque (Castelsarrasin), Hakim Charef (recovery), Nathan Bounaudet (Castelsarrasin), Lucas Bonnefous (Beaumont-de-Lomagne), Thomas Bonnefous (Beaumont-de-Lomagne), Etienne Prunes (Caussade), Thibaut Lourmière (American football), Adrien Padié (recovery), David Camacho (Monclar-de-Quercy), Julien Medaglia (recovery), Carl Sztagnberg (recovery), Nathan Ferrero (Caussade), Antoine Bourguignon (Gan), Davy Alesina ( Septfonds), Arnaud Navarry (recovery), Théo Monique (recovery), Rayen Tocard (Caussade), Axel Fabre (recovery), Guillaume Altmeyer (recovery), Paul Faragoux (recovery), Anthony Bourres (recovery), Aurélien Rous (recovery) , Omar Bouziane, Yoann Ferrie.

Departures: Maxime Palot (Caussade), Florent Domenech (RC Montauban), Corentin Cagnac-Rouge (Septfonds), Pierre Berthoumieux (Valence-d’Agen), Baptiste Perrot (Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe), Landry Bezombes (RC Montauban), Christophe Sontag (stop), Julien Marical (stop), Dorian Mathieu (stop), Alexandre Raynaud-Touge (stop), Jérémy Dasilva (stop), Anthony Lopez (Castelsarrasin), Yohan Beaudonnet (Moissac), Julien Moureaux (Septfonds), Amédée Domenech (stop), Charly Balsemin (Septfonds), Clément Beil (Septfonds).

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