New blow for Kevin Durant on the market!

Still determined to leave Brooklyn, Kevin Durant, however, sees his options dwindle as the offseason progresses. One of his favorite leads has notably cooled off, the franchise in question refusing to give up one of his stalwarts against the 2014 MVP.

Just like for his Kyrie Irving teammate, the file Kevin Durant continues to stretch in length since the opening of free agency. At this time, the Nets have yet to meet his trade request, for obvious reasons. Indeed, the franchise would keep the best possible package in exchange, in order to be able to start from scratch with a good base. Not enough to fix the winger, who has been squinting in particular at Miami from the start.

In principle, the Floridians would love to acquire the services of the Slim Reaper, convinced that they could win the title with him. The problem is that they lack the assets to make a deal with the Blacks and Whites. Suddenly, the latter would like one of their best elements in return, like Bam Adebayo for example. Except that as revealed by Barry Jackson of the Miami Heraldwe will have to leave this option aside, and this immediately:

Miami refuses to trade Bam Adebayo against KD

There have been no discussions between Bam Adebayo and the Heat about a Kevin Durant trade, as the general feeling is that Miami would rather not give in. Brooklyn should trade Ben Simmons if Adebayo is sent to Brooklyn. Adebayo did not seek assurances from the Heat that he would be traded in a trade with Durant.

According to journalist Ian Begley, “people with ties to the Heat spoke to Durant extensively in the days following the trade request.” According to a league source briefed on the matter, initial discussions between the Heat and Brooklyn were very intensive, but then cooled when Brooklyn was unhappy with Miami’s potential package. But the Heat continue their quest.

When we know the impact of the big man trained in Kentucky, we can understand the strong reluctance of South Beach. Jimmy Butler a beautiful being the boss of the squad, Adebayo is the anchor of his people in the racket, being extremely versatile. This year, he averaged over 19 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and one steal while coordinating one of the best defenses in the league. The kind of essential pillar in the race for the title.

Now, it remains to be seen what Miami could do to convince Brooklyn to accept a deal without the interior. Tyler Herro clearly won’t be enough, even with the addition of Duncan Robinson and draft picks. Buckets isn’t available either, especially as KD himself would take a dim view of it, wanting to play with the full core at the FTX Arena. In fact, it seems impossible… and he will therefore certainly have to give up on a move there.

Whatever happens, Bam Adebayo should therefore not be part of a possible package for Kevin Durant. The Heat is anything but willing to part with it, aware that it retains one of the best pivots of its generation.

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