New offer for Kevin Durant on the market, the Nets slice cash!

Will Kevin Durant end up leaving Brooklyn before the start of the 2022-23 season? The leaders of the New York franchise have in any case just received yet another exchange proposal about him. Or, it would seem that they would have already made their decision!

The more days pass, the less likely it seems that Kevin Durant wears the colors of a team other than the Nets, next fall. Indeed, while it has automatically been three weeks since the winger claimed to leave, he is still a member of the superteam he helped build with Kyrie Irving. It must be said that the big bosses have no desire to simply sell it off, wishing to get the most out of it. As such, the 2014 MVP has just received a very concerning update in the market.

However, this does not prevent certain competitors from continuing to push, wishing to acquire the services of the double champion in order to aim for the title. The Heat is one of those being determined to recruit the Slim Reaper because the latter has expressed a lot of interest in him. Small problem, the Blacks and Whites refuse en bloc all the offers of the Florida franchise… Including the latest, which would not have satisfied them:

The Nets refuse the package offered by the Heat

The Nets aren’t showing much interest in a package led by Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, according to Kurt Helin. “The Nets want an All-Star according to league sources, they’re not keen on this package around Herro and Robinson, even with more draft picks. »

Whereas KD’s other favorite destination now seems out of the running, South Beach also seems to have the greatest difficulty in convincing Brooklyn to give it No. 7. At the same time, hard to blame the New York front office for once. Given that the superstar wants to play with the hard core of Miami (Bam Adebayo, Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler), Pat Riley must be satisfied with the rest to mount a transfer… The fans have shown it, they expected clearly to this problem:

Robinson contract suck, nobody want that shit

Only Heat fans thought it could work

Miami came back with its trade offer, but the Floridians were again met with a flat refusal from the Nets. It must be said that in the state, the counterpart really does not have enough to satisfy blacks and whites.

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