News – The Morges ice rink will not open this fall

She did not open!

Morges ice rink

The City of Morges informed its users that the ice surface remained closed this fall. A thorough technical check was carried out by specialists and it turns out that the condenser, the key part for making the ice cream, is defective. As a result, the safety of the ice production facility is no longer guaranteed. An ammonia leak is possible.

The Swiss Association for Technical Inspection (ASIT), on the basis of these results, has just formally prohibited the Morges authorities from restarting ice production and in the absence of availability on the market, the condenser will not cannot be replaced.

The Municipality undertakes to urgently seek the best possible solutions, pending a final project for the site of the Mineral Waters Ice Rink. The Buildings Department is looking for alternatives to overcome this lack of ice, especially for sports clubs and schoolchildren.

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