NHL: Guy Lafleur’s family was touched by all this love

Two months after the death of the legendary Guy Lafleur, the family still welcomes many expressions of sympathy following the departure of the former great player of the Montreal Canadiens.

The Blond Demon’s son, Martin Lafleur, is still able to measure the immensity of the impact his father had on hockey fans, but also on many people who knew him outside the icy surface.

In interview at RDS, Martin Lafleur said that all the love received since April 22 has a very comforting effect on the bereaved family. “When a person dies, not everyone is lucky enough to have the support of an entire population. It is extraordinary for me, my mother and my brother. It helps us enormously. »

He and his family agreed to share their grief with the people when the Laying Chapel was held at the Bell Center. “We were so used to hearing hockey anecdotes, but during the Ardent Chapel, we really got to know the human being. It’s funny to say, but I spent 47 years with my father and I knew he was close to his audience, but I realized the impact he had on all his supporters and people in general . »

Certain elements marked the Lafleur family when they met the population who had come to pay their respects for the deceased. “We were marked by the people who wore my father’s jerseys and which were almost all signed. It marked us. And all the nice words we received that weren’t related to hockey, but related to the person he was. »

Every day Martin Lafleur attends the phone call that will not come. Now, he strives to perpetuate the work of his father, who left us at the age of 70, when he is given the chance like Tuesday in Tampa where the NHL invited him to present the Ted trophy -Lindsay to Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. “This trophy was to be presented by my father, but it makes me so happy to do it on his behalf. It allows me to stay close to my father when I do events like this. »

For him, it is now a duty to represent his father. These little moments make her feel like her father isn’t far away. ” Its very important. We greatly appreciated the support of his supporters during the difficult times we have experienced recently. When we do events like these and spend time with the fans, it keeps us close to him. »

The deceased will once again be honored. This time posthumously by Hockey Canada, which awarded him the Order of Hockey. “It’s a great Hockey Canada honor that my dad has won so much for on the ice and off the ice in general. »

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