Nice closing of the season at the tennis club

With twenty-one young licensees from the municipalities of Montjaux, Viala-du-Tarn and Castelnau and eight adults, the tennis club has operated throughout the season in several groups every Monday and Thursday. The dynamism of this small rural village, in this sporting field, has found its continuity thanks to the investment of the volunteer leaders, but also thanks to the competence and investment of Stéphane Jeleff, sports instructor who provided all the courses. on the tennis court of the Montjaux village hall, whatever the weather.

Monday, June 13, the young licensees had the pleasure of meeting one last time with their tennis teacher to close this sports season. Workshops and small matches were part of the celebration, all followed by a snack and prize giving for everyone, children and teenagers.

The office warmly thanked Stéphane and gave an appointment next season to all these enthusiasts.

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