No, Saran Loiret Handball does not want to part with Jérémy Roussel!

“Not at all! We keep him with us, in his role as director of the training center. No comment. Pointed bar“: Bruno Bordier, the president of Saran Loiret Handball (Proligue), closed the door twice, this Thursday morning, June 23, on the rumor that arrived a few hours earlier from Normandy.

No, the club from the Orleans area does not want to part with Jérémy Roussel. And no, de facto, the latter will not join, at the start of the school year, JS Cherbourg (Proligue), Proligue formation which is at the search for a new coach following the departure of Frédéric Bougeant. And, to tell you the truth, it’s Joel Da Silva50 years old, coach ousted from Tremblay (Proligue) last November, who holds the rope this morning to take the reins of the formation of the Channel.

“We must stop talking about a subject that is not”

Nicolas Gougeon, the Saranese president of the association in which Jérémy Roussel is an employee, did not go there by four paths to sweep, bluntly too, noises from Cherbourg:

“We must stop believing things that are not true in real life. We must stop talking about a subject that is not. Jérémy is with us and will always be with us at the start of the school year. He has been hired on permanent contracts (permanent contract) to Saran and the only reason for his departure would be related to his resignation on three months’ notice.”

Nicolas Gougeon

Or, that is not the principal’s intention at all.

Go to Cherbourg, a club that has approached him in recent weeks? “The timing is not good”, has, indeed, indicated Jérémy Roussel. “I don’t want to put the club in difficulty, especially the academy. I will not go to the clash. I am a reliable and upright person.”

End of recess, therefore, on the side of the Jacques-Mazzuca hall where we will undoubtedly have, in the next few hours, the opportunity to discuss, this time, real information.

Laurent Coursimault


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