‘Okay, I’m going to do the same as the franchises’”

In recent years in the NBA, a wind of change has been blowing through the league, with many superstars taking their destiny into their own hands and dictating the game to the franchises. The latest is Kevin Durant, who asked for his trade, eager to leave the Nets when he signed there two years ago, and initialed an extension last year that is just beginning. If it is not new that players ask for their profession, it becomes very frequent and the roles are reversed a little as attributed Alex Caruso during his appearance in the podcast of JJ Redick The old man and the tree.

“I had an interesting revelation about this the other day… Everyone complains that players have power and don’t honor their contract, or want to leave. I don’t know where I heard it or where did someone say players finally have to question this like teams and franchises have for many years,” Alex Caruso said on The Podcast. The old man and the three. “They finally realize the business aspect of the situation and say to themselves, ‘I have influence. I am an asset. Let me make it work to the best of my abilities because if the organization or the team has a chance to improve, they will…” You are often the victim of the situation, but when you are in the league and you have that kind of income, it’s different. When you’re at home and you read that a guy is trying to get a 40-50 million dollar contract, I get it, that’s the current reality. For many years, there were horrible stories of guys finding out on Twitter or on TV that they were being transferred. I think we’ve come to a stage where now the players are like, ‘Okay, I’m going to do the same thing.’ »

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