Olympique Rugby’s objectives for the next season

However, for the Chourreuts, the course in the French championship ended too soon. After a difficult start, with injuries, the arrival of players in key positions in February changed the face of the team, which had a very encouraging end to the season. The arrival of an experienced coach, recruitment focused on a rejuvenation of the workforce and the desire to ensure attendance at training through the same emulation, this gives a taste of ambition to the club which, according to its president , has set itself the goal of going back to Regional 2 at the end of the next season.

rugby school

The Rugby School, in agreement with the neighbors of Parentis-en-Born, is doing well with its share of trips to tournaments and sets to ensure the learning of young players. The Ychoux tournament, a real showcase for the association, brought together 13 clubs and several hundred children in March and was a great success, thanks to the educators and volunteers. The latter also participate in extracurricular activity times to ensure the promotion of the oval ball in schools.

Another novelty for the 2022-2023 season, the creation of women’s teams in agreement with the neighboring clubs of Biscarrosse and Sanguinet in seniors and cadets. The objective is to integrate the Federal championship 2 to 15 and to manage to play the top of the hen in the next few years. Women’s rugby should bring a breath of fresh air to the club.

The municipality and the partners were thanked, as well as the volunteers whose commitment is essential to the life of the association for the sports season and also for the success of all the activities offered during the year.


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