Only 2 untransferable players in the NBA according to Robert Horry; “If they tell you ‘I give you KD against LeBron’, you have to make this trade”

Who in the NBA is still currently considered untransferable by their franchise? Only two players according to the seven-time NBA champion Robert Horrypassed by 4 teams including the Lakers between 1997 and 2003.

“- I think there’s only one guy right now, no two, I’d say two guys only who aren’t on the trading block, who wouldn’t be there. Luka and Steph. All others can be transferred. It doesn’t matter who you are.

– You thought the Lakers would do without LeBron?

– Definitely yes! Imagine I give you KD. If you’re Rob Pelinka and they say, ‘I give you KD for LeBron’, you have to make that trade. »


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