Opening of the ticket office in Castres for the Top 14 final at the Stade de France against Montpellier

The first supporters of Castres Olympique were able to buy their tickets for the Top 14 final. It will take place on Friday June 24 at the Stade de France in Paris and will be played between the CO and the MHR of Montpellier.

There are almost more people than on a match night on the forecourt of the Pierre Fabre stadium in Castres. Since dawn, the wealthy and patient supporters to obtain their precious sesame. “I couldn’t sleep, I was afraid of arriving late so I came early”, says Jeanno. At 90, the dean of supporters has been in the queue since 6am… for the ticket offices to open at 2pm. “I’ve seen all the CO finals since 1950. The people of Montpellier, we’re going to eat them, that’s for sure!”

Since 2 p.m., each subscription holder can buy two tickets for the Top 14 final. So groups of friends organize themselves to be able to attend it all together. Thierry, for example, came to take nine tickets. He bought the plane tickets as soon as the final whistle of the half. “We are very satisfied that Castres Olympique is in the final and to be in the game. I hope the players will have fun and us with it!”

“We’ve been here since 9:30 this morning and there are some who came earlier, we don’t count the hours! What don’t you need to go to Paris!

A little further down the line, Isabelle and her friends are waiting, armed with cakes and bottles of water. They hope to leave with 30 places in hand. “It will be the remake of 2018 but with another game, another team. I think there will be a good atmosphere and then we go there above all to see the victory of Castres Olympique”she rejoices. “And then it’s an Occitania final between friends. Once the match is over, we will all have a beer together with the people of Montpellier. That’s how you have to live it, that’s how the spirit of rugby is!”

Locations are also available online. For non-subscribers, you will have to wait until Tuesday 2 p.m., at the counters and online. A total of 5,000 places are on sale by the CO.

To get to the stadium this Friday, supporters can count on chartered buses for the occasion.

On the other hand, it is impossible to benefit from trains due to work on the SNCF lines.

The match will take place at the Stade de France this Friday, June 24 from 8:45 p.m. For those who cannot go to Paris, it will be broadcast on Canal + and France 2.

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