Originally from Domvast, Alexane Gayet dreams of becoming a professional handball player

Alexane Gayet gives herself two seasons to be professional. (© Le Journal d’Abbeville)

At 18 years old, Alexane Gayetwho lives at Domvast (Sum) is on the way to realizing her dream: to become a professional handball player. She agreed to talk about her journey.

News: At what age and where did you start playing handball?

Alexandre Gayet: I started at 8 years old at the Abbeville club with baby hand. I then played in Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, near Dunkirk. I then returned to Abbeville. For two seasons, I have been playing under the colors of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux.

“It’s a family affair”

Where does this passion for this discipline come from?

HER : It’s a bit of a family affair. My father played handball. He was a goalkeeper. Maureen, my sister, plays at a very good level and that made me want to play. My mother, Sandrine, played, as well as my cousin Perrine.

What position do you play and what are your strengths?

HER : I’m a right winger. I think that my strengths are my fighting spirit and my perseverance.

“I have to improve my defense”

And if you had to improve something, what would it be?

HER : I have to improve my defense but for that, I will have to gain muscle. I will have to be better physically against girls who have experience.

Why did you decide to join Saint-Amand-les-Eaux?

HER : I wanted to move from a center of accession to a center of excellence. For that, I needed a club that plays in national 2. In Abbeville, the girls are in N3. Several clubs were required to bring me here. There was Arles, Bully-les-Mines, Corbie. I opted for Saint-Amand. His team plays at the highest French level and there were more accommodation facilities. I signed a two-year contract with the training center.

Do you want to turn professional?

HER : Next season, I will evaluate in N1 with the reserve of Saint-Amand. I want to have a very good season to hope to progress and play in the first division. I have already played two games with this team. The second game, I had 25 minutes of playing time. It went well because I scored two goals from two attempts.

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How does it feel to score your first professional goals?

HER : In terms of sensations, it does a lot of good and above all very pleasure.

How will your weeks go?

HER : All week, I am in high school in Tourcoing because there is a handball center. I am in Terminal. At the weekend, I am in Saint-Amand for the matches. I only come home to Domvast once a month but I’m used to this way of life. If I have my baccalaureate, I would like to join the University of Valenciennes for a management degree.

What do you prefer ? Studies or sports?

HER : I don’t favor anything even if studies take precedence because if I don’t have a career, I need something on the side later. Nevertheless, I have as much interest in both.

Hoping all the same to sign a pro contract in two years and evaluated in D1?

HER : I hope. I know it’s going to be tough. It will take a lot of work, both physically and mentally. I know it’s possible but we’ll have to see how it goes. There is competition.

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