Paris: when renovated basketball playgrounds become true works of art

By Caroline J. Posted Aug 10, 2022 3:06 PM

As part of the legacy of the Paris 2024 Games, the City is calling on several talented artists to renovate and embellish the Parisian “playgrounds”, these famous outdoor basketball courts. So where should you go to discover and admire these works of art? We answer you.

Notice to basketball and street art lovers! You are not unaware that the capital is full of 3×3 basket landsand of “playgrounds“. Places dedicated to the sport and the practice of basketball which have been the subject – for a few years now – of a renovationas part of the legacy of the Paris 2024 Games. In total, they are about fifteen outdoor basket courts to participate in this embellishment and refreshment operation.

For the most curious and those who would own these photographers instagrammable spots, go in particular to the most recent of them; the Serrier sports groundlocated more exactly opposite 29 boulevard Sérurier in the 19th arrondissement.

Want more? So go to Doctor Calmette Squarein the 15th, to discover three “ playgrounds », in blue and yellow colors, created by the artist Polar.

Also head to Vincent-Auriol physical education groundin the 13th, renovated by the French artist Jules Dedet Granel, better known under his artist name of The Atlasor the lands of Ladoumegue stadium (19th).

These renovations of outdoor basket courts must allow better access to outdoor sports, especially in working-class neighborhoods, “ while creating a dialogue between art and sport with the intervention of international and local artists, committed to the territory they represent explains the City of Paris on son website.

Here are the renovations of the “playgrounds” completed or to come in Paris

  • 3 pitches within the Jules Ladoumègue Sports Center (19th)
  • 2 fields on the Sérurier physical education field (19th)
  • 3 Square du Docteur Calmette plots (Paris 15th)
  • 2 pitches within the Léo Lagrange Sports Center (12th)
  • 1 plot in the Jardins d’Éole (18th)
  • 1 pitch in Square Léon (18th)
  • 1 pitch in the Square Claude Bernard (19th)
  • 1 plot in Square Charles Hermite (18th)
  • 1 court at Parc Montsouris (14th)

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