Patrick Beverley in the sights of several teams, including the Lakers

While enjoying the Minnesota Timberwolves, Patrick Beverly will only have done one season there since he was sent to the Utah Jazz in the trade of Rudy Gobert. Yesterday he was wondering about the Jazz’s strategy for the coming season, and not sure if he is part of the team’s plan.

Indeed, like everyone in the squad, he would be on the list of available players and according to Bleacher Report. And at least two franchises would give through his services, two big teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. As for the Sixers, although he’s been mentioned in a few rumors, Jake Fisher reports that he’s unlikely to be in the plans yet. Daryl Morey Following the arrival of De’Anthony Melton.

To see what will be necessary to let go to recover the defensive specialist, perhaps a future first round of draft.

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