Paul Inchauspé, the junior who offered himself a final at Wimbledon

The two were playing together for the first time and their performance will encourage them to repeat the experience. “We could have become the first “Frenchies” to win the junior doubles at Wimbledon. We had a little pressure”, says, without acrimony, the athlete. Grozny and Michelsen, the American pair who beat them came from qualifying, unlike the two Frenchmen, seeded n ° 5.

“It didn’t come down to much. We lead 40-0 on my serve and we lose 5 points in a row. They break and we lose 7-6 the first set. Then the second 6-3. Specialists believe that the difference was made in the experience of the American pair, used to playing together. While Gabriel Debru got angry on his unforced forehand errors, and Paul Inchauspé on his double faults, they did not panic.

The match that is not forgotten

“It’s the first time we’ve played together. Gabriel had asked me to do Roland-Garros with him but I was engaged elsewhere. “On the English lawn, the feeling passed between the two. “A Grand Slam final is something you don’t forget. I think we’ll play together again. »

Paul Inchauspé, fired at the BO since the age of 5, offered the services of a thirty-year-old, former professional player who became a coach

To get there, Paul Inchauspé, fired at the BO since the age of 5, offered the services of a thirty-something, a former professional player who became a coach. “With Grégoire Jacq by my side every day, I jumped from 140th in the world to 24th. The duo has scoured international tournaments/USA, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Italy… Until Roland-Garros. With the top 44 in the running, he didn’t have to worry, like in 2021, about getting an invitation. “I may have rejected, I never felt such a feeling when I arrived on the court. I was tense, stressed. I lost my means and I was eliminated in the first round. »

The tennis player recovered. “When I was little and I started to like tennis, I didn’t think that one day it would be possible to participate in Grand Slam tournaments. As a teenager, his predisposition for this sport led him to enter an “Academy” in England. In this structure, he can play tennis for several hours a day without putting aside his studies and a career in economics and finance (1).

“It was in this school that I realized that I was playing well and that I had the potential to progress further. I have to give back my parents who gave me a physique suitable for the modern game. “ From the height of his 196 cm, Paul Inchauspé hits hard in the service. “And since I’m not too heavy, I move quickly. “At the net in particular, where he likes to slam the points as quickly as possible. “It is in this style of play that I take the most pleasure. I had to acquire technique from the back of the court, because it’s less my thing. “Limiting faults, finding the right balance between aggressiveness and solidity… That’s what allowed his progress.

This Sunday, Paul Inchauspé returns to Biarritz. He will find the clay courts of Biarrots. “I am registered for local tournaments: Dax, Hendaye and Biarritz. If he missed the march in his adopted country in Great Britain, the young adult, who will no longer be a “junior” from the 1uh January, intends to climb to Biarritz on the first step of the podium.

Paul Inchauspé is ranked -15, the highest level of the second series. He is the 1351st player in the world.

Daniel Kopatsch

Heading to the USA

Recruited by the prestigious University of Princeton, on the West Coast of the USA, Paul Inchauspé will take off in mid-August. “The question arose of stopping studies to devote myself to tennis. My parents were against it and I agree with them. By joining Princeton, the doors are all open: I will play a lot of tennis but I will not be a professional. I know that the support will be excellent, I find friends and I play in the first team. »

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