Périgueux resumed in the heat

There were a few absentees, including internationals Djamel Ouchène, Marvin Pivert, Mattias Dittus and Marius Iftimiciuc, who will return on August 15 for the second preparation block. And a few convalescents: Marius Vialle (back), Vincent Fouillade (pubalgia) and Clément Cavalière (ankle) were activated during the holidays and will miss the resumption of the championship. Enzo Hardy and Rory Scholes, for their part, are not yet operational.

Two surprises

There were also two unexpected faces on the pitch. First, Pierre Tournebize, winger from CA Brive Hopes (23 years old, 1.86 m, 96 kg), whose arrival the club only announced a few hours earlier, on the sly. “It was a good opportunity, he’s a good winger. In full, we will have a very good three-quarter line, ”assures Richard Hill, the capist manager.

The physical session (here Nicolas Faltrept) under the heat wave.

Stéphane Klein/“South West”

The other is a well-known figure in Périgord rugby: Matthieu Thouron. The former Trélissac or Bergerac coach joins the capist staff to take on the role of video analyst. But he will also intervene on the ground, in the general movement.

“We will start with the physical and the technical aspects. We’re going to talk about the announcements, the game plan “

As everything could not go like clockwork, there was a small tile. Ziana Alexis, the pillar arrived from Cambridge, hurt his knee, without the seriousness of the injury being known yet.

“We will start with the physical and the technical aspects. We are going to talk about the announcements, the game plan, the strategy, ”lists the English technician. It will be at the rate of eight weekly sessions until the beginning of August before a short week of recovery. “We will work on the skills individually and by position. Each player received his progress booklet to identify areas for improvement in pre-season. »

The idea being that the group is ready on Saturday September 10, for the first match of National 2, in Auch.

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