PGA Tour: sharp increase in prize money to counter LIV Golf

While the commissioner of the PGA Tour must speak to the press on Tuesday, a letter sent by the board of the American circuit to its players has already leaked. As announced on Tuesday after a meeting between management and members, three tournaments international will be created, while eight stages will see their endowment increase sharply.

The Hawaii Champions Tournament will thus increase, from 2023, from 8.2 million dollars to 15 million dollars. Like the Genesis Open, the AP Invitational and the Memorial will inflate from 12 to 20 million green tickets, while the Players will increase from 20 to 25 million in overall endowment.

From 2024, the season will stretch again from January to August with the end of the FedExCup, then give way to the Fall Series to determine the top 125 of the American circuit. Three tournaments played outside the United States will then be organized, to reward the top 50 of the past year and some deserving players from the fall. These events will not have a cup and their dates and play formats will be announced later by the PGA Tour.

A series of measures representing more than 160 million dollars of investment for the US Tour. A strong response to counter the birth of LIV Golf, a circuit joined by heavyweights such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and even this week Brooks Koepka.


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