Phenomenon Chet Holmgren victim of a humiliation sale!

Selected in 2nd position in the Draft by Oklahoma City, Chet Holmgren has already made people talk about him by displaying his full potential in the Summer League. However, a very particular detail of the prodigy makes Internet users wince. And between laughter, mockery and disrespect, the border is sometimes thin…

The good news is that Chet Holmgren is strong. Very strong. After several years of hype, the former Gonzaga signed very positive first outings in the Summer League. On point defensively and versatile on offense, the Minnesota native also displays great self-confidence, and a certain quiet strength despite his young age. However, it is difficult not to talk about the subject that agitates social networks.

Chet Holmgren ridiculed for his weight

If it culminates at 2m13 under the fathom, the new jewel of the Thunder weighs only 88 kilos on the scale. A rather starving weight given his size, and which translates into a build that is unusual to say the least in the muscular and opulent world of the NBA.

A photo of Holmgren’s leg was particularly popular, and it’s easy to see why:


Of course, Internet users quickly had a great time, especially with this tweet which, it must be recognized, is rather well found…

This acerbic troll is not the only such attack suffered by Holmgren on social networks. already laughed a few days agothe big man also has to deal with this kind of unflattering tweets:

Chet Holmgren when he will take a strong pass from Giannis

Targeted by several attacks on his weight, Chet Holmgren has only two solutions: gain muscle, or dominate with this atypical body. In any case, good luck to him, after a most promising Summer League!

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