“Playing against Canada is incredible! »

His beginnings in the discipline: “I was too violent”

“I started with figure skating because my father had a friend who gave lessons. But very quickly, the coach went to tell him: ”your son is too violent, he has to go play hockey instead!” And I said directly. My father supported me a lot because he also dreamed of doing it. And now, today, I am living my childhood dream. Play matches with the France team against Canada. And even if there was the defeat (7-1 at the World Cup, editor’s note), it’s quite incredible. »

His season: “Clubs have contacted me abroad”

“We had a change of coach last summer replaced (Jyrki Aho to Edo Terglav, editor’s note). It’s a bit cliché, but it reset the counters for everyone. I was lucky that he trusted me right away, because that also gave me confidence. He gave me a lot of playing time, gave me the chance to show myself, to do things better, to score more too (38 points including 21 goals in 41 Magnus League matches, editor’s note). Which allowed me to join the French team, then to participate in the Elite World Championships…

And so, with this great season and these World Cups, it made me talk a bit. Abroad in particular, clubs have contacted me. But I decided to stay in Grenoble next year. Because I still have things to learn here, because I am well surrounded, because great challenges also await us in the Champions League. »

His vision of sport: “I always enjoy myself as much”

“When you’re young, it’s only leisure first. Sport is made for playing with friends, having fun and burning off your energy. But I realize that even as I get older (he’s 21, editor’s note) I still enjoy playing sports, it’s still so many good times. I’m lucky to be able to make a living from it now, to be professional, but that doesn’t change anything. Especially in Grenoble, we are a lot of young people, friends who have known each other for a long time, it’s just fun. »

His title of athlete of the month: “My father keeps the trophy”

“It was really a source of great pride for me, for my family, for my club Les Brûleurs de loups and for our sport. This trophy, at first I had it at home, then I lent it to my father who never gave it back to me. He showed it off in his office! »

The sportsman of the year: “There are a little too many hockey players”

“I looked at the list, there are three of us hockey players (with Marion Mousseaux and Chloé Aurard, editor’s note)… It’s annoying, the votes will be shared, all three of us leave with a handicap (laughs). If I win I will be extremely happy, but to be nominated is already pure happiness. »

Wednesday, presentation of Assétou Traoré (basketball, Pays Voironnais BC), athlete of the month for November

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