Pleasure of the Gers. Rugby: concerns and questions at the URBR

As usual during the general assembly of the USP, the president and the educators of the Union Rivière Basse Rugby are invited to retrace the season of the young people from 6 to 18 years old whom they train. Thus, David Thieule, co-president of the URBR with Laurent Benoit, presented the youth season and the various tournaments accomplished with many deserved joys and successes.

Among the under-14s, or under-14s, nine players have been selected for the Gers team, thus attracting the greed and appeals of the “big clubs” called “trainers” far too early, which is obviously deplored by the educators of these young people and leaders who have to rebuild every year. During the meeting, there was also an update on the workforce: the rugby school has 158 young licensees: 81 for Riscle, including 28 in M16 and M19, 68 for the USP, including 9 in M16 and 19 in M19, and 9 for Castelnau. The various reports were voted on. Then, each educator, by category, took stock of the season.

Thank you to the leaders, volunteers, educators and parents who made the tournament a success on May 7th. A big thank you also to the sponsors for their participation in this organization. Thanks to the presidents of the three clubs of the gathering. Finally, thank you and goodbye to Cathy Capberbet and Céline Laffitte for their 10 years spent at the rugby school as secretary and treasurer.

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