preferential treatment for Boris Becker in prison? The other annoyed inmates

According to the Sun, Boris Becker, who has been serving his sentence in an English prison for several weeks, would have preferential treatment with a comfortable job obtained very quickly. The other detainees reportedly sent several letters to complain about this situation.

Boris Becker is currently serving a two and a half year prison sentence, in a penitentiary center near Wandsworth. The former German tennis player was sentenced last April by the British courts on four counts related to his personal bankruptcy. He had notably been found guilty of having hidden 3 million euros (at the current rate) in assets and loans to avoid paying his debts.

But according to the Sun, the other inmates of the prison where Boris Becker is located complain of preferential treatment for the former star. He taught sports science in prison, in the role of class assistant, a fairly comfortable and logically accessible position after several years behind bars.

Becker complained about food, hygiene and lack of space

Prisoners would therefore have sent letters to the police to complain about the fate reserved for the triple winner of Wimbledon. The man with six Grand Slam tournaments does not have a life of luxury, but he would benefit from better comfort than the other prisoners. What causes jealousy.

In the early days, Boris Becker would have first learned English to other content. However, the former world number 1 could not bear the lack of space in his cell, having repeatedly pressed the emergency button to signal his discomfort.

Food and hygiene were also questioned by Becker, who allegedly asked that his door be left open. In response, officials told him it was a prison, not a hotel. But after several complaints, the decision was finally made to send Boris Becker to a more comfortable space.

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