Prize money for the 150th edition

July 14, 2022 at 2:15 PM by Thomas

The Saint-Andrew golf course is hosting the 150th edition of the British Open.

Direction Saint-André, this weekend in mid-July, for thehe oldest Grand Slam in golf. This British Open 2022 is the 150th of history, for the occasion, the competitors will aim for a total prize money of $14 million, i.e. the almost equivalent in euros, at the current monetary rate. Of the 156 entered at the start, the last 70 have the assurance of being paid, for a premium of 32,128 eurosfor the 70th.

A total prize money of 14 million dollars for this British Open 2022

And the envelope thickens as you climb the hierarchy. Until the 10th, guaranteed to flirt with 300,000 euros, when the last two will exceed, the million euros for the dolphin and the 2 million, to whoever wins this edition, the outcome of which is set for this Sunday July 17 . Victory will also earn you 600 FedEx Cup points.

Many people expected for the 150th edition of the Scottish Grand Slam

This edition of the British Open 2022 should beat a record attendance, so far at 239,000 cumulative spectators, twenty-two years ago, in 2000. Irishman Rory McIlroy, 32 years old and 2nd in the world at the start of the tournament, is one of the big favorites to the final victory. He will cross paths with other former winners of the format and the current number one in the discipline, Scottie Scheffler, who will compete for the second time in his career.

The 2022 British Open golf bonuses

10th = €289,000
9th = €320,000
8th = €365,000
7th = €433,000
6th = €504,000
5th = €582,000
4th = €723,500
3rd = €931,000
2nd = €1,452,000
1st = €2,495,000

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