Proligue: Saran Loiret Handball has its calendar

Saran’s handball players will quickly have an indication of their competitiveness : from the second day of proleague championship 2022-2023 (September 16 or 17), they will indeed compete against the people of Nancy; their opponents for the title of Proligue champions in 2021; the others sentenced to relegation from Starligue to Proligue a year later. A few weeks ago so…

Rivals yesterday, rivals tomorrow

No doubt Saran and Nancy will be eyeing this season again the first places in D2, if they do not directly covet accession to the elite. The most optimistic of their supporters will therefore note that the play-offs will be set for May 24 and 27, and the final on June 3 or 4.

The first day, which will send Saran to Caen (10th last year), will be played on September 9 and 10 ; the last on May 19 and 20. Saran went there to Valence after having fought two consecutive battles at the Jacques-Mazzuca hall, against Fontignan and Cherbourg. If the positions are tight, this final can be important.

Against Tremblay twice in a row!

The curiosity of the calendar unveiled this Wednesday, July 13 by the National Handball League is that Saran will face Tremblay on the last day of the phase, and the first of the return phase. In the meantime, from the end of December to the beginning of February, the championship will have observed a long truce to make way for the world championships.

The Saranais will not find Nice, prohibited by the management control body from returning to the professional sector because of its degraded financial situation.

The two promoted in 2022 are Frontignan and Bordeaux.

Pascal Bourgeais

Saran’s Calendar


9 or 10. In Caen.
16 or 17. Against Nancy.
23 or 24. In Besancon.
October 30 or 1. Against Dijon.


7 or 8. in Villeurbanne.
21 or 22. Against Valencia.
28 or 29. In Massy.


4 or 5. Against Billere.
11 or 12. In Frontignan.
18 or 19. Against Strasbourg.
25 or 26. in Sarrebourg.


2 or 3. In Pontault Combault.
9 or 10. Against Bordeaux.
16 or 17. in Cherbourg.
21. Against Tremblay.


3 or 4. At Tremblay.
10 or 11. Against Massy.
17 or 18. At Nancy.
24 or 25. Against Villeurbanne.


3 or 4. In Bordeaux.
17 or 18. Against Pontault-Combault.
24 or 25. Against Besancon.
April 31 or 1. Has Dijon.


7 or 8. Against Sarrebourg.
11 or 12. In Strasbourg.
15 or 16. Against Caen.
21 or 22. In Billere.


5 or 6. Against Frontignan.
12 or 13. Against Cherbourg.
19 or 20. In Valencia.


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