Proligue. The GBDH in search of lost serenity

Villeurbanne – GBDH

Friday (8:30 p.m.)

This end of the first leg of the championship is at the bottom of the exciting table. With three teams standing in one point (Valence, Besançon, Villeurbanne) and who have only one victory and one draw on the red lantern, Strasbourg.

On the Besançon side, we would have done well without this situation. The Doubienne team which legitimately aspired to finish in the first eight of Proligue is forced to revise its objectives downwards and to delay its delay in the rear view mirror. “There is only one point between Villeurbanne and us. The two teams are in the hard and live the same sporting reality ”, observes soberly Benoît Guillaume.

Take points to regain morale

We have, on the one hand, a Villeurbannaise team at a standstill since the third day of the championship and its only success (September 23, against Strasbourg). A training…

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