Rafael Nadal is the best sportsman in history, according to a padel ace.

Former world number Andy Murray is one of the most loved and appreciated tennis players on the circuit. The British tennis player has won a lot but many believe his career achievements and records have been held back by the big three.

Murray played around the same time as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, the three most successful tennis players in tennis history. However, Murray has earned and cultivated such a passion for the sport that he now plays with a metal hip.

The British tennis player returned to the court this week at the ATP tournament in Newport, claiming a clear 6-2, 6-0 victory over Sam Querrey. The British tennis player made the following statements: “It’s really important and exciting for me to play this tournament, I haven’t been here since 2006.

A lot has changed in my life, but the feeling of being in a historic place for our sport has never changed. I love immersing myself in the history of tennis, God knows how much my love for this sport has grown.”

Murray is one step away from the Top 50 and went on to outline his goals for the final stage of the season: “I’m aware that I’m in the final stage of my career and that’s every time I go to the circuit, I always give my all.

I am very motivated and I want to give everything for this sport. My goal is to move up the rankings and be a top seed at the next US Open.” Finally, Andy spoke about living at the same time as the big three: “I’m very happy with my career, I’ve achieved things I never could have imagined and won incredible titles, but at the same time I had to play in the big three era.”

Coello praises Rafa Nadal

Arturo Coello, one of the most promising padel players in the world, heaped praise on his compatriot Rafael Nadal, calling him “the best sportsman in history”

“He is the best sportsman in history and obviously the best tennis player in the world, at least for me he is like that,” Coello said. “When I see Rafa play, I am inspired by his values ​​and his resilience”

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