Rain of trades at the Knicks, disgusted fans!

The Knicks agitated the draft this Thursday evening with a rain of trades, including a concerned Frenchman. Only here, the franchise is preparing something, which does not seem to make fans dream at the moment. Evan Fournier can be wary, because the front office obviously has an idea in mind.

We were expecting a bit of a show for the draft, but the franchises obviously didn’t get the message. A few trades of course, but nothing major… except for the Knicks. The organization was not chosen by the young players and for good reason, it preferred to send its choices elsewhere, like Oklahoma City for example, and that directly concerns Ousmane Dieng. The latter could have landed in the Big Apple, but has just experienced a first trade.

The Knicks make the show in the draft!

In exchange ? New York receives three first round picks. Other players are also affected, since the Knicks made other moves during the event. What you must remember ? Many peaks acquired in the next few years, which frees up cap space. Either the franchise wants to offer a big contract to a free agent, or they are preparing to sign a big star via trade.

What the Knicks did tonight:

NYK traded their 11th pick to OKC

OKC traded three first rounds (2023 belonging to Denver, Detroit, Washington) in New York

NYK traded 2023 first round owned by Denver, 4 second rounds to Charlotte for 13th pick

NYK then traded their 13th pick and Kemba Walker to Detroit for Milwaukee’s 2025 first round

NYk traded their 11th pick, Kemba, 4 second rounds and instant 3 first round draft picks into the future

As we said, a sacred bazaar. Kemba Walker’s contract is in any case with another team, while the front office accumulates draft rounds. The fans ? Not really conquered.

It’s so bad.

What are we doing ?!

The Knicks put on a show during this 2022 draft, but find themselves … without any player to draft. What raise some questions among the fans, who would not have said no to a promising prospect in the workforce next year. But you have to believe that the front office has another plan.

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