RC Bassin d’Arcachon is hard at work preparing for next season

Frédéric Boitier, already present last year, has been appointed general manager. Position he held brilliantly for 6 years in Colomiers. Son role…

Frédéric Boitier, already present last year, has been appointed general manager. Position he held brilliantly for 6 years in Colomiers. Its role is to lead and allow the presidents to detach themselves from the problems of everyday life. His mission will be to implement the general policy of the club and to manage the objectives given by Bruno Charbonnier, Didier Carpentey and the board of directors.

The latter should also expand and already each commission has its role clearly defined, whether on the sporting, administrative or accounting level. For the commercial part, Margot Brière replaces Thomas Gallego and will be in charge of the partnership, an axis that the club really wants to develop.

Give back a soul

For the managing director: “Apart from the financial aspect, we would like real exchanges, both human and professional, to be created. Projects should see the light of day quickly with the creation of a partner club for which theme evenings will be organized so that everyone can meet. The objective is to reconcile the athlete with the human and give a soul to the club. For this, the new retirees Cros, Costanzo and M were trained. »

Another point to come, the RCBA with the help of local authorities such as the cities of Arcachon, Teste de Buch and COBAS, will create a reception area which will be located within the stadium and should be around 1 200 m². It will bring together all the vital forces of the club. The RCBA has developed the awareness that a rugby club cannot survive without genuine enthusiasm from the supporters.

“We wanted players motivated by the sporting project but also capable of getting involved and bringing a real plus”

On the sporting level, the club as a whole wishes to thank the departing players: Gayon, Kafoa, Captus, Carrere, Claudey, Pons, Tarozzi, Urios, Domec, Darclanne without the club not being at this level. But the sporting constraints of the National 2 are for certain difficulties to be taken up because of the new training framework wanted by the coaches.

There is also a desire to rejuvenate the workforce because the club is obliged in this new division to have a real team under 23 years old. The FFR imposing inflexible standards; Only the hopes born from the year 2000 could foul the lawns. The club is also pleased with the good relations with the neighbor from Gujan who will not have the same problem.

Thus, no less than 12 SBAR players will join the U23 team. With the current young people and some targeted recruitment, the workforce of this baby team should be around thirty. Franck Cather and Christophe Castagnet the coaches have chosen to take a break. Christophe Babillot, former player of the UST of the 1990s, supports the avant-gardes. The back lines coach will be appointed within a few days.

Heavy reinforcements

For the pennant team, the leaders wanted to keep a good part of a deserving and quality workforce. Also to name a few, Estorge, Sonzogni, Farmer, Bartoszek, Dazey, Besnard, Geneste, Bats, Mathieu, Barbouche, Hirigoyenberry, Daros-Ducourneau, Wallraf, Belio are part of the adventure. The young people who tasted the first team last season are not forgotten and Maumont, Guichard, Reytier, Mayer, Sanz are an integral part of the project.

On the recruitment side, the sports unit is active. The goal is to triple the positions. Fred Boitier insists: “We wanted players motivated by the sporting project but also able to get involved and bring a real plus to our group. By keeping a strong framework from the previous team and keeping our young people, we want our recruits to feel at home with us and we are taking a step forward. In addition, we do not want to do anything with a budget that is certainly on the rise but limited. »

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