Recruitment, ambitions, restructuring, status: Cournon-d’Auvergne launches a new cycle

It was necessary to go beyond the adaptation phase so that Cournon-d’Auvergne could express itself. Lukas Buchta, the new coach, first set up his game plan, before assessing the shortcomings and needs for the future.

“It was an up and down season, summarizes the coach. Alex Gerin’s injury caused a redistribution of roles. There was a difference between players who came from lower levels and those who played pro. We have found our balance.

The 2022-2023 workforce of Cournon-d’Auvergne:
Idrissi, Ribeiro; April, Peigue; Canon, Lagier Pitre, Salignat, Skalski; Gerin, Quintin; Aranda, Jean-Louis; Bocanegro, Dudinsky; Abbey, Adli, Luiset (plus two youngsters)

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“The difference is made on the depth of the bench, continues Cyrille Faucher, the co-president, with specialists in the position on each position and a delta between number 1 and number 2 less important than us. This observation guided our recruitment”.

Eleven recruits to be inserted

Cournon has therefore revisited its workforce from top to bottom. Around the base formed by Adli, Canoine, Salignat and Gerin, eleven players arrive and this recruitment meets very specific criteria.Achraf Adli, the pivot and captain of Cournon-d’Auvergne, is a piece around which the club was built. Photo Franck Boileau

“We wanted to have several choices, different options and obtain competition, continue the leader. This is the key to the evolution of a group. We will have nineteen players who only play handball. When you have ambition, you cannot have players at work, others in class and some in handball”.

prime N1 Elite: “Cournon is a club that matters”, says Laurent Lagier Pitre, new Dragon arriving from Proligue

“A motivating challenge”

Cournon will thus be able to go to eight or nine sessions per week with a larger group that is totally available. A new integrated workforce with experienced elements, young people who have passed through training centers and an already present base.

“It’s exciting as a job, analyzes Lukas Buchta. On one taken players who will adapt quickly. We are starting a new story. We will have to find the right ingredients for the music. I am very motivated by the challenge that awaits us”.

A VAP status for what?

The Handball Club Cournon-d’Auvergne has renewed its VAP status (Pathway to professionalism) not just to evaluate in the Elite group of National 1, but in order to be able to play a role in the race for the rise in Proligue.

“Some want to play in D3 and others aspire to go up to D2, summarizes Cyrille Faucher. Cournon is in the Metropolis and the project falls within this framework. It is no longer that of a city, but of a metropolis, of a department. It’s global. We are 18 years old in the French championship, we want to raise hopes in N2 to reduce the gap and we have the N1 Elite”.

Ambitions on and off the pitch

The HCCA is ultimately aiming to move up to the Proligue and its ambition will be to play as high as possible from next season. The budget will thus increase to €850,000, an increase of around 30%.

“On a deeply restructured club. An operational manager will arrive. We organize ourselves to give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions. We are preparing, whether medically, logistically, athletically or administratively. We work upstream. It is not the day when we will be in a sporting position to climb that we will have to prepare”.

Jean-Francois Nunez


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