registration open for the summer open tournament

The TAC tennis does not take vacations. On the contrary, the club organizes its traditional open tournament from July 28 to August 28! “We are refusing 7 events this year, including 4 new ones in ladies’ and men’s singles up to players ranked 0; single men + 45 years old up to classified 15/1; men’s singles over 60, women’s doubles, mixed and men’s without limits” specifies Christian Chevalier. Commitments to be made are at the prices for singles: 18 euros per event, 30 euros for 2 events, 18 euros for under 18s and doubles: 10 euros per participant, 8 euros for under 18s. Reservations are made with referee Sylvain Clément or directly at the club during training.

Practical: Registration on site or on 06 61 09 22 76; by email: [email protected]

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