Rieux-Volvestre. USR tennis school and incubator

The latest news from the USR tennis de Rieux-Volvestre is the closing of the 2022 FFT-approved tennis tournament organized by the club. Tennis remains a sport which, at the same time as being a game, is also a spectacle. Either, full of emotions and beautiful encounters.

The ambitions remain measured, with the objective of maintaining this level, which remains quite remarkable, both in sporting terms and the establishment of logistics that mobilize all the dynamics of the association.

Another more intimate news is that of the young Paul Persillon. After a superb run and no less than 9 victories, 10-year-old Paul, ranked 30/4, lost in the final of the Departmental Championship (Green Balls level) against Mathieu Cammal, 30/2, from Cornebarrieu, with a score of 5/ 1 5/0.

If the score seems severe, the boys disputed some very tight points and Paul was absolutely not unworthy, making the pride of his parents, his trainer Axel Lefranc, and the whole of USR Tennis Rieux-Volvestre.

Paul treads the waterfront courts and has been part of the Tennis School since he was 6 years old. A very beautiful gesture, “an excellent sense of the game and exemplary behavior: there is no doubt that we will see Paul again at the next championships, and we are already looking forward to it!”.

Contacts: USRiveraine Tennis Club / Route de Montesquieu (31310) Rieux-Volvestre and < [email protected] >

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