Rink hockey (N1): new goalkeeper, return from Europe, all about the SCRA 2022/2023

SCRA Saint-Omer, recently crowned champion of France, has already finished its transfer window with the signing of Ferran Mañe, the Catalan goalkeeper who holds his rival Noisy-le-Grand. With the return of the European Cup next year, it was necessary to strengthen the workforce.

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Everyone stays except Masoliver. The 2nd Audomarois goalkeeper, with low playing time, was released to join a Spanish D2 where he will be sure to start. The seven other major players (Chambell, Barengo, Le Roux, Cuenca, L. Savreux, Llisa and Pellizzari) and the two youngsters (Colin and Hermant) return. “You saw the last match in Lyon, three goals from Colin, that’s good”, smiles Fabien Savreux, the coach, delighted to keep his hard core for a 2022/2023 exercise which promises to be more muscular.

A serious rookie… To replace goalkeeper Masoliver, the SCRA seized a superb opportunity. “Noisy-le-Grand did not want to keep Ferran Mañe and we were looking for a goalkeeper, the opportunity made the thief but that’s good, because he is the holder of Noisy. Catalan like its predecessor. What to bring more competition for the idol of Brockus, the Portuguese Pedro Chambell, little challenged in recent years? “I already think Masoliver could have had more playing time if he had stayed. We only had 25 games this year, it was too few to run, but there we will have 37 or 38, it’s not the same thing. Mañe can enter the rotation, he knows what it is to be a starter in a top club. He is already 23 years old. Afterwards, it’s not easy to change clubs and Pedro is well established. “A euphemism so the Portuguese is decisive. That said, “if the goalkeepers are rarely injured, they can have periods of poor form, sometimes it can be good mentally to shoot. And then he was injured this season in the adductors. »

…and maybe two. “If we have the opportunity, we also take, in view of the European Cup, an additional striker. Either a goalscorer or a creator who can create lags. But we will not take to take explains”, Fabien Savreux.

Why are we going to play a lot more? With only 11 clubs this season (bankruptcy of Saint-Brieuc), the championship will have one more team (Montent de Villejuif and Saint-Sébastien sur Loire). So we go from 20 to 22 games in the league. Let’s add the 2 Supercup matches, but also 5 to 6 of the Cup potentially, we are close to 30. Finally, there will be the return of the Champions League after a year of secession, “so minimum 6 matches” and always the Golden Cup , the exhibition competition with the 12 best teams in Europe, two more shocks. A little forty then.

A European Cup with what format? With a World Cup in November (in Argentina), the season will be tightened. “It was not the time to test the format with pools of 8 desired by the big clubs. All the Golden Cup clubs (Barcelona, ​​Porto, Sporting, SCRA, etc.) therefore return to the classic format with four pools of four, selected on sporting criteria. The following season, we will probably go to two pools of 8.

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