Roger Federer. “The tennis itinerary was sometimes excessive”.

Still recovering from knee surgery, Roger Federer spoke about his life away from the world of tennis.

Roger Federer does not complain about his life away from the tennis courts.


Present at Wimbledon for the 100th anniversary of the Center Court, Roger Federer has been talking about him in the media lately. On the sidelines of the London tournament, the Basel attributed himself to the Dutch magazine Parool, explaining in particular that if he misses tennis, his life away from the courts does not displease him.

“It gave me the opportunity to sort out my travels selectively and give something back. Many proposed friends still see me, now I could turn the tide. The tennis itinerary was excessive, especially since sometimes it also had to be organized for the children. It’s nice to take a break now, and for them too, even if they miss traveling. We have friends all over the world and we have developed habits for them too. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen our friends from New York and Melbourne,” said the 40-year-old Swiss.

Before adding: “But I can honestly say that I am very happy at home, and that it is a great advantage for me to be able to make an appointment for a Tuesday morning in three weeks. And that I can do it without reality catching up with me. Sometimes we miss traveling around the world, and of course I miss sports too, but I also feel that life at home, in a let’s say normal way, is also good. »

Words that will not reassure fans of Roger Federer who still hope to see him play in 2023.

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