ROLLER-HOCKEY: Camon’s Warriors, a climb to finish in apotheosis

On the circuit since 1996, the Warriors of Camon come out of a particularly satisfying season.

We went to meet Cyrille Lejeuneclub president since a a. He tells us about his impressions of the evolution of his sports association, the title of vice-champion of France N4 of one of its senior teams but also of the difficulties that the club has been able to go through following the health crisis.

How is your association doing despite the recent health crisis?

Our association is doing quite well with the recent title of vice-champion of France N4 that we were able to obtain thanks to our second senior team and the title of Hauts-de-France for the first. The final was played against the Valenciennes team and I am very proud of the players’ journey.

In the club as a whole, there are about thirty licensees. It’s great for us that we were able to start off on the right foot despite the consequences that the Covid may have left on all the sports associations. It was not easy to choose to restart the machine. From a sporting point of view, it’s a very good thing for us and also in terms of recruiting new players.

Keeping the team in National 3 would already be good for us.

Cyrille Lejeune – President of the Camon Warriors

What will be your goals for next season?

The objective next year would be to have three senior teams. One would be in National 3, another who would have failed as a reserve in National 4 and another at a regional level. The development of a young session is not indifferent to us and we are counting on this dynamic to allow new sufferers to come to our club. Keeping the team in National 3 would already be good for us.

The club can count on a good generation with its seniors, champion of Hauts-de-France

Do you think one day of claiming to reach a level equivalent to other teams in metropolitan France such as Pont-de-Metz or Amiens?

Honestly, it would be very optimistic on our part to be able to say that we could claim to hook these two teams which are references in the region in sport. Perhaps in the long term, we could eventually come and hang them without talking about returning to their level. Then there are teams, with Moreuil, who are very sensitive to the good development of roller hockey among young people, we cannot claim that yet but probably in a few years.

We hope for a revival and we are still working on it even if I find that Samarian roller hockey is rather aging

Cyrille Lejeune – President of the Camon Warriors

What do you think of the development of roller hockey in the region?

I find that roller-hockey is lucky to be able to count on the very good development of lacrosse sports in the region with, for example, the Gothics of Amiens. Even if it is a discipline that has developed well, I think we can say that it is currently stagnating at the same point and generally difficult to estimate, perhaps in relation to the health crisis. We hope for a revival and we are still working on it even if I find that it is rather aging these days, despite the efforts of the clubs.

Do you have any thanks to offer?

I would like to thank Amiens Métropole for their significant support. Also all of my teams who continue to support me in the development of the association. And I have a thought for Victor Decagny and his parents who really worked for the club before I took over the presidency.

Mathieu Tourbier

Photo credits: The Warriors of Camon

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