ROLLER-HOCKEY – Renaud Crignier: “We’re going to train as if we were in Elite!”

Movements in the workforce, preparation for next season still in N1… Renaud Crignier, the coach of the Écureuils d’Amiens, tells us more about the off-season and the ambitious objectives set for his team.

How would you describe, to start the delivered season?

I would say quite frustrating because we didn’t get the outcome we wanted. We will have to go much further in the play-offs and we finally lost in the quarter-finals. We had won the majority of the matches in our pool and finished first, so we thought we would win more in the play-offs. It’s the little regret of the season.

Will there be any roster changes for next season? If yes ?

Yes, the workforce will change. In summary, all the oldest are no longer part of the team! The oldest will be only 24 years old. I decided to start all over again with a younger team that we are going to have evaluated.

How was the agreement in the N1 group this season?

In the group, the understanding has always been very good. It was more in the game that it was complicated and it was felt in the play-offs. During our quarter-final, we weren’t complete and we were missing our best players.

Our hen will be much weaker than last season

What more should we bring next season?

We lacked a bit of certainty during the season on a car that finished first in the championship, like in other years, but with five defeats all the same. So a real lack of certainty. In the quarter-finals, the lack of important players meant that we lost at home. Next year, we will rather ask ourselves another question since the group will change a lot, it will be the question of going as far as possible… We are starting from zero, but with a new team, so it could either be better, or be worse, but it will be incomparable.

You have published on your social networks the names of the opponents you will meet in September: what do you think?

Our pool will be much weaker than last season. We recover Moreuil who finished 8th in his N2 group and Pont-de-Metz which is maintained thanks to a repechage and we lose Reims and Cholet. Cholet who beat us last year and made the play-offs, so it suited us for this team to come out of our pool. We get a club that is closer geographically, so from a travel point of view it’s easier to drive 20 minutes rather than 6 hours! From a sporting point of view, it is also easier for us, since we are a new team.

What are your goals for the coming season?

Our goal is to go as far as possible. We want, above all, to build something between us, in the game, that everyone adheres to the project and after, in terms of results, we will take the matches one by one. But we want to play the play-offs and be in the top four this time, so we will work for it.

When will you resume training? The games ?

Now things have changed, like the youth group. They are all super motivated, so we will resume at the end of August, whereas, basically, we resumed a little later. We will train as if we were in Elite! At the end of August and mid-September, we will have two matches, that will give us a lot of preparation. We will play the last weekend of August an international tournament and an annual friendly match in Amiens, September 17th.

Julie Michael
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne (archives)

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