Rory McIlroy: “Winning at Saint Andrews is the Holy Grail”

Strategy of the week

“The fairways are fast and the greens responsive. The weather looks pretty similar for the rest of the week, so these playing conditions were expected to continue all week. The greens still have a very firm first bounce, but they are responsive if your iron shot is well hit.

I played this course mainly in September, October, during the Dunhill Links, in very different conditions, where you take the opportunity to hit the driver everywhere and get the ball as close to the greens as possible. This week you may be seeing some guys playing shorter from the greens as the pin positions this week are very different from what they use at Dunhill Links.

We will surely look to leave us longer shots for the greens, with different angles of attack. Happened to me at hole 2 on Tuesday. I drove too close to the green and didn’t have a really playable chip, so I had to putt 60 yards from the hole! You’ll see a lot of those kinds of situations this week, I think. »

His current form

“I only played one Open here (3rd, in 2010). I got off to a good start that year and played in a wind not too different from this week. I don’t want to come forward, but I’m playing well. I’m in good shape and I’ve rarely felt so confident in my game. I can’t go there thinking maybe it’s my time. I just have to put together four good laps, and hopefully at the end of the week that will be enough to win. »

Win an Open at Saint Andrews

“I don’t know if a golfer’s career is only complete by winning at St. Andrews, but I think that’s the holy grail of our sport. It’s one of the greatest achievements you can have in golf. There are many great players who have won Opens and may not have won Opens at St Andrews, so I think it’s unfair to say that a golfer’s career isn’t complete without that. . But it’s definitely one of the greatest things you can do in our sport. »


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