Ruben Bemelmans, young retired tennis player: “I’m proud of my career, because I’ve always given everything”

Playing your last tournament, a few days ago, do you know that it was the last?

Not 100%, because I had asked for an invitation to qualify for the Wimbledon tournament. But I knew there was a possibility that this would be my last game. And indeed, it was my last match, since they didn’t want to give me the wild card.

The story is beautiful, so. You played your last match against Zizou Bergs, when you became his coach. And that you have already helped him win the greatest victory of his career, the challenger of Ilkley…

It was very special, because at the time of playing this match, we both already knew that we were going to start this collaboration. And everything went well, in the end. He won the tournament, and he received an invitation to the main draw at Wimbledon. And me, I can say that I played the first Grand Slam of my career at Wimbledon, and that I can start my coaching career at Wimbledon. That’s great…

In addition, training a young player, who has a lot of potential, who is very popular with the public, it’s a very nice challenge…

It’s a wonderful project. I have known Zizou for a few years. And I saw his progress. He has the ability to go far. And I will give everything so that he has the same career as me, and even better.

Let’s get back to your career, precisely. Those were good years, right?

Yes quite. I had magical moments, in the Davis Cup, on the circuit, at Wimbledon, at the US Open. I have very fond memories of it. And if I had to choose just one, it would be the Davis Cup. I participated in two finals, and I will remember it all my life. I have my trophy alive, and seeing it always makes me happy. And then, I also have the record for the player who has qualified the most times for Wimbledon (note: six times, he has managed to win his three qualifying matches, and climb into the big picture). Among my good memories, there is also my third round at Wimbledon, and my third round at the US Open. And then my victory against Lucas Pouille when he was twelfth in the world, and that against Daniil Medvedev in five sets.

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