“Rudy Gobert destroyed the game”

Since the trade of Rudy Gobert in Minnesota, much is said about its association with Karl Anthony Towns in the racket, but perhaps the most important connection for Wolves is the axis D’Angelo Russel – Rudy Gobert. The excellent playmaker on pick & roll and with the Frenchman he will have a target of choice, especially for lob passes.

“We know how well D-Lo plays with a big dive to the basket, and that’s something we haven’t maxed out yet. » chris finch

Announced in trade rumors in recent months, D’Angelo Russell should stay and he will have an important role in the success of Wolves, he who must make up for his somewhat disappointing season, especially his playoffs.

“You know what you’re going to get from KAT. You know he’s going to dominate the game offensively,” Russell said. “Rudy, you know he’s going to dominate the game defensively. This balance alone does wonders for our team. For my part, I have always realized that if you put a shooter and a roller (player who rolls towards the basket on pick & roll) next to me, I can make the game easier for everyone. I can’t wait to bring that to the team. »

When he arrived in Minnesota, he couldn’t really exploit his quality on pick & roll and lob passes, while he was having fun with Jarrett Allen in Brooklyn. Last season the Wolves threw 5 lob passes while Rudy Gobert caught 87 alone at Utah. The pivot scored 1.32 points per possession on pick & roll while KAT also excels with 1.2. D-Lo will therefore have two prime targets to have fun with.

“They weren’t throwing a lot of lob passes the last few years, but I think now we’re going to work on that, and that’s another weapon that’s really hard to defend on,” Rudy Gobert said in his conference. hurry. “I’m really excited. There’s so much we can talk about that we’re going to be able to do on the pitch, and that’s why it’s going to make us unique, we’re going to have so many different weapons and so many ways to play. It’s gonna be fun. »

We can think that Gobert will benefit from his association with D-Lo and KAT offensively, he who was little used by the Jazz on this side of the field. Of course we will have to get to know each other and this could take time.

“The dynamic is probably going to feel a little foreign to him, but I think once we get success and see who our foundations are, everything will fall into place and everything will be smooth instead of forcing things and to create something out of nothing,” Russell said. “He’s going to bring so much, I’m so excited. »

Then defensively, Russell, who likes to use his long bras to be on the passing lines, should also benefit from Rudy’s backstage presence to be a bit more aggressive and free to move. He has been playing against the Frenchman for years and he knows very well the defensive impact he has on the opposing team.

“He destroyed the game,” Russell named. “You have to be focused to capitalize and win against him because he controls the defensive dynamics of a game. He alone controls her. And I’m excited about it. »

It’s suspicious on paper, to see what it looks like in practice.

“I’ve never played with such a good team on paper,” Russell said. “Obviously, on paper, there is a difference compared to the reality on the ground. I can’t wait to see what it looks like, I can’t wait to have growing pains, I can’t wait to be in this process. I’m excited about it all. I’m excited about our growth collective. Every game could be anyone’s night. »

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