Rudy Gobert’s trade widely mocked within the league!

Now a Wolves player, Rudy Gobert hopes to relaunch in the coming seasons, always with the aim of winning a title. But for many in the league, the Jazz is the big winner in this trade. It must be believed that despite this signing of the French, the opposing teams are not really impressed.

Rudy Gobert has been a new player for Wolves for some time now, where he will assess alongside Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and company. There’s reason to be smiling in Minnesota, as the franchise dreams of winning the title. It’s always difficult to judge, but we imagine that the success of this roster will depend mainly on the XXL racquet. A beginning of problem, and the Wolves could regret their choice.

Because the leaders took a big risk to bring the Frenchman. Drop 5 first rounds of draft, in addition to a young person and multiple players? It’s not every day you see that in the NBA. A real bet for the Wolves, who are convinced that Gobert can take this roster to a level. No confirmation yet, but the rest of the league are reportedly more impressed with Danny Ainge.

Rudy Gobert still unappreciated in the NBA?

Formerly at the Celtics, the leader arrived a few years ago on the Jazz side. He seems to want to rebuild the squad, and we can say that’s been successful with Rudy’s trade. Utah can be rubbing their hands with so many upsides that other franchises are in awe of the move. You have to believe that the Wolves were perhaps the only ones who wanted to give so much for Gobzilla.

Here is what Brian Windhorst, on ESPN, explains:

What Ainge managed to get for Gobert, with everyone in the league thinking, ‘Can you believe this? How could the wolves do this? “. I was able to talk to at least 10 different people in the NBA after this trade, and all of them were impressed with the move.

Because if the Wolves recover a great pivot for the title, the franchise has put its future in danger. It’s the opposite for the Jazz, which saves money at the same time. No doubt, Ainge has won some admirers with this trade:

Not only did the Jazz manage to get all that, namely 4 draft picks, 3 unprotected and one with light protection, but they also managed to clear 140 million in salary. We can say that Danny Ainge has changed the game again.

Yes, Danny Ainge caused mayhem, as the Nets will now want an even stronger counterpart for Kevin Durant, while Donovan Mitchell could be next. What is certain is that many did not think that Rudy Gobert was worth so much. Let’s hope the Wolves don’t regret it.

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